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Do you wish you could reach B2-C1 English fluency to reach your personal goals? Perhaps you've had various English teachers, courses, and activities and yet feel that the knowledge you've gained over the years is not enough.


Perhaps you still have personal barriers on your way to fluency which you want to break down. Are they still stopping you from communicating effectively in English and reaching your major life goals?


If you're looking for professional help to help you reach B2-C1 level with complete support, guidance and empathy, then you're in the right place. Read on!

I'm Victoria, and I help busy and motivated English learners like you gain confidence in their B2-C1 English speaking skills. I've been teaching English at higher levels to adults in Europe for over 10 years now, and over these years, I have helped many ambitious professionals and students achieve their career or academic goals thanks to English.

I have a Cambridge CELTA qualification (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) from Cambridge University. It' an international quality standard for English teachers to adults, as it helps you gain fluency in English in an efficient way under highly professional guidance. I taught at internationally renowned language schools before setting up my own business just a stone's throw away from international Paris.

I'm passionate about helping students achieve B2-C1 level opening doors to their academic, professional or personal aspirations. I do my best to help them reach their goals quickly with flexible intensive  1:2:1 or small group English courses, where fluency is at the heart of each lesson.


I also offer innovative self-study programmes, which will help you learn effective and smart vocabulary learning techniques to help you reach B2-C1 level faster and on a budget.

Want to give it a try? Send me a message and book your free 45-min Trial Lesson today!

I can't wait to learn more about your English learning journey!

IELTS Coach à Victoria Road


Level Assessment and 45-min Trial Class

About me


Hi, I'm Victoria!


I'm a Cambridge CELTA qualified English teacher, and I love helping my students change their lives with the ability to communicative efficiently in English at B2-C1 level.

With over 300 happy international clients, 2 British qualifications, and a proven track record in teaching English to adults in leading language schools, I'll do my best to help you:

  • enhance your B2-C1 Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing skills

  • prepare you for the IELTS exam, so that you could achieve your dream of studying, working or living abroad

  • increase your confidence in your English pronunciation by helping you sound natural in English and use the right sounds and intonation

  • teach you effective vocabulary learning strategies to help you expand your B2-C1 English vocabulary on your own

Online courses

Les cours de préparation IELTS avec Victoria Road

IELTS preparation courses

A comprehensive IELTS preparation course setting you up for IELTS success with professional guidance, leading preparation materials and personalised feedback.

Intensive General English courses

A wide range of intensive General English classes focusing on your speaking fluency and helping you gain confidence in all skill areas (Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking) to reach the next CEFR level faster.

Self-study programmes for B2-C1 learners

In-depth online courses for ambitious an motivated B2-C1 English learners willing to acquire specialised knowledge, tools and strategies to expand their B2-C1 vocabulary successfully on their own.

Cheerful Business Meeting




years' experience 
teaching English to 

happy 1:2:1 students


I'm Cambridge CELTA qualified

Cambridge CELTA is an international standard of quality for teaching English to speakers of other languages. It's based on a communicative method of teaching English developed by Cambridge University and used in the best English language schools worldwide.


This method is based on a communicative approach to learning English and helps you fully thrive as an English learner. It's a highly student-centred approach where you discover new language on your own under highly professional guidance.


No more words. Book your free Trial Lesson today to find out how this teaching method can help you achieve B2-C1 fluency.

Cambridge CELTA certificate
Certificat de Cambridge CELTA

My expertise

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What my students say


Victoria helped me prepare for the IELTS academic test and thanks to her support, I achieved a good result (Band 8.5) after quite a short preparation time. Victoria knows all the ins and outs of the test, she made me familiar with all the task types, drew my attention to important details and always provided substantial feedback as well as information needed for improvement. All this allowed me to be more confident at the test and not to waste valuable time on hesitation. To sum up, I can certainly recommend Victoria as a highly professional English teacher with perfect language skills and great experience in IELTS preparation, who is also able to use individual approach to her students. You will surely enjoy her classes and achieve great progress!

Ekaterina Popova - IELTS Academic Student

Victoria a été le professeur dont je rêvais. Elle est disponible, patiente. Elle est très pédagogue, elle est attentive à votre progression et vous fait travailler ce dont vous avez le plus besoin. Elle a été extraordinaire pour moi, car j'avais besoin de préparer l'IELTS. Un examen difficile. Je n'aurais pas pu faire un meilleur choix que Victoria pour m'aider dans mes cours. Merci Victoria, à bientôt sans doute :)

Victoria is the teacher I dreamt of. She is present and patient. She has very good teaching skills, she pays great attention to your progress and make you practise what you need the most. She was a real gem for me, as I needed to prepare for an IELTS exam. A difficult exam. I couldn't have made a better choice than Victoria to help me with this. Thank you, Victoria, I'm sure we'll see each other again soon :)

Priscille Lagrand - IELTS Academic student

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