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How to Prepare for Your Online English Class: Essential Guide.

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Learning English online can be truly inspiring. With the right tutor, this experience can empower you, motivate you, and set you up for success on your English learning journey! But do you know how to actually prepare for your first online class?

We often take technology for granted, but it can be your best ally or your worst enemy during an online class. If you want to have a truly fulfilling and positive experience with technology, we've got you covered. Read our essential tips on how to ace your first online English class!

How can I learn English online effectively?

Let's look at how you can prepare yourself for an online English class.

1. Technical set-up.

1. Make sure you have fast Internet.

A good Internet speed is crucial when studying online. Ideally, you should have a fast and reliable connection during the whole class. Make sure you test it before the class starts!

2. Study in a quiet environment.

It's important that no one disturbs you during the class. Try to stay away from any potential noise: this will help you have a more efficient and enjoyable experience.

It's certainly best to study in a home office or a conference room, as they limit distractions. If it’s not possible to work in such a quiet place, use earphones or headphones to help you concentrate.

3. Charge your laptop.

"Oh no, my screen went blank in the middle of a meeting!" Does that sound familiar? If you are using a laptop, make sure its battery is not running low before the class. Charge it in advance or leave it charging during the class to avoid those awkward oops moments!

5. Check your microphone and camera.

Make sure that the camera and microphone work well. A good audio and video are absolutely essential in an online English class! You're always going to use both.

2. Organise your study material.

If you are studying English with Victoria Road, here is your before-the-class checklist. Let's dive right into!

1. Check your email 1h before the class.

We usually send you an email 1 hour before the class with the following information:

  • a link to a scheduled meeting on Google Meet

  • a Google document which we're going to work on (try to avoid the temptation to work on it before the class starts!)

  • audio files to listen to in class (if we do Listening)

2. Save the audio files in a folder before the class.

Download the audio files and save them in a dedicated folder on your computer. This way, it will be easier for you to find them when you have to listen to them in class. You can also request access to Victoria Road's Google Drive folder where we store course materials. Alternatively, you can create your own Google Drive folder.

The main advantage of having a Google Drive is that you always have access to the learning material online.

3. Save all the Google documents in a Google drive.

If you don’t have a Gmail account, please create it. As soon as you’ve done it, save all the Google documents in a separate Folder in your Google drive. This way you can have easy access to all the Google documents and come back to them whenever you need it!

3. Starting the class on time

Make sure everything’s ready before the class starts: charge your laptop, turn on your webcam and microphone, and open your Google document.

Check that you have downloaded all the audio files from the email sent to you before the class and you know where to find them.

Have a notebook, a pen and a marker nearby. It's always useful to make notes on paper while we work in a Google document in class.

And do bring a glass of water! You're going to speak a lot! 🙂

How to succeed in online classes if you're feeling nervous?

It’s normal to feel a little twitchy before the first class. But think of it as the day you set out on an exciting journey towards your future. The air if fresh, the sky is clear, and myriads of exciting opportunities are waiting for you ahead!

You can tell your teacher you're feeling nervous, and they will always support and encourage you. Remember that you're in a safe and positive environment where you have absolutely nothing to fear! Trust your teacher, their professionalism, and yourself - and you will be all set up for success.

Final thoughts

Knowing how to prepare for your first online English glass may not be obvious. In this guide, we have tried to give you the best tips on how to make the first class a resounding success.

Remember that the first class often sets the pace for the whole English course. With these tips, you're bound to get off to a great start!

We wish you the best of luck!

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